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Missing San Lucas? Want to learn more about Guatemala? Friends of San Lucas is offering virtual learning opportunities. We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!

The Immigration Crisis and Fr. Greg’s Vision for the San Lucas Community: A Discussion
Date: April 15, 6 pm CDT

Facilitated by Dr. Jerry Zurek and Dr. Ray Ward of Cabrini University

Almost every week for the last six years we have heard about the immigration crisis at the border. Most of the discussion is about how to keep migrants out or what to do with them at the border. Rarely do we hear policy discussions about the PUSH factors that drive the need to migrate: violence, poverty, lack of jobs, climate change. But our founder, Father Greg, was far-sighted and worked toward a vision of what the San Lucas community would need to live dignified lives with their families so they would not need to migrate. He started with listening to the community. Please read or watch as much of the following media as you can and come to the event ready to discuss PUSH factors to immigration.

Jerry Zurek is a professor of communication at Cabrini University and has brought students to San Lucas Toliman each year since 2008. His students lobby each year in the US Congress on behalf of foreign assistance for developing countries, using their San Lucas experience to illustrate their advocacy.  Dr. Ray Ward is the Director of the Wolfington Center at Cabrini University He earned a PhD in Christian Ethics from Boston College, writing on the concept of collective moral agency and responsibility in the Christian tradition. Ray has been to San Lucas in 2019 and 2020.

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Construction and Charity Program House Dedication
Date: April 22, 4 pm CDT

Join us for a house dedication where one of our builders will hand over the keys to a newly completed house to the family who will be living there. The family has agreed to be a part of this exciting event so that we have the unique opportunity to experience the celebration that happens when a house is completed! We will watch the dedication live and also see footage of the whole building process.

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Conversation with our Founders: Sandra Spencer
Date: April 29, 6 pm CDT

Join us for our second “Conversation with our Founders” with Sandra Spencer (formerly Sr. Philomena with the School Sisters of Notre Dame), who spent about 20 years in San Lucas and was instrumental in starting the Mission school. Sandra will be interviewed by Arch Mrkvicka, former Executive Director of Friends of San Lucas, and Terri Wong, current Director of Coffee for Friends of San Lucas. You won’t want to miss the stories and rich history that Sandra will have to share with us about the early days of her work alongside Fr. Greg in the San Lucas community!

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