#2021Together Campaign for San Lucas

On February 16, Friends of San Lucas is launching the #2021Together campaign. The purpose of this fundraiser is to kickstart funding for the Mission’s life-changing work in 2021. Your gifts will empower Mission leadership to reach new goals for their community’s advancement this year.

As a special part of this campaign, we’re releasing a series of informative and surprising “Did you know?” videos that shed light on the need for the Mission’s social programs. To check out these videos, you can sign up for our emails or visit our Youtube channel.

The #2021Together fundraising goal is $40,000 by February 20th. Two anonymous donors are matching every dollar donated up to $20,000, this week only. Your gift will provide more people in San Lucas the opportunity to live into their full potential. Please consider making a donation today.

Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to the people of San Lucas!

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