Fr. Phil Schotzko’s Prayer

It is really the only kind of prayer. My sister who is a Franciscan Sister sent me this short email last week. “When my arms can’t reach the people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.” She said it was “from Snoopy”.  Is it not true that in these times of limited travel and social encounters, although we are physically closer to fewer people, our prayerful hugs are more heartfelt and reach out to more and more people throughout the world?

When my long arms reach out toward San Lucas, Emi Tun is one of the first persons that comes to mind. We had worked together among the youth of San Lucas and so enjoyed those days of big hopes and dreams. Now, as head of the Charity Program and wife of Dr. Tun, she is right in the center of the challenges that the coronavirus is bringing to the area.

Our prayer from where we are is that that Dr. Tun and the whole hospital and clinic staff will be safe and have enough resources to face the COVID-19 virus cases that will likely come along-side the usual health concerns.  We pray that Emi and her staff and volunteers will have the wisdom and patience to sort through and prioritize the real needs that will surely come because of the shutdown and curfew.

We pray for all the employees of the Mission that they will continue to be a sign of hope and encouragement to those who are out of work and do not have food or shelter. And we pray for all the children who are not able to attend school at this time and do not have the means or technology to continue their learning process at this time.  And finally, we pray for those who are overwhelmed, desperate and depressed as they cannot see a way beyond their present circumstances.  Please Lord, give them courage, hope and a helping hand.

Grace, Mercy and Protection to all,
Fr. Phil Schotzko

Father Phil Schotzko serves the Diocese of New Ulm and sits on the Board of Directors for the Friends of San Lucas