Anniversary Walk Sponsors

Multiple Mile Sponsors

Jean M. Meyer 83 miles
Ann L. Meyer 83 miles
Rogers and Peggy Strickland – In honor of Bill Peterson 66 miles
Ione Grossmann – In memory of Tom Grossman 33 miles
Anonymous 33 miles
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity – In honor of Fr. Greg’s Walk 30 miles
Bellaimey Family Foundation – In honor of Bill Peterson 26 miles
Luke Foley Fund 16 miles
James & Jan Seifert – In honor of Bill Peterson 16 miles
Nicholas & Bridget Hermer – In honor of Bill Peterson 10 miles
Brian & Ronda Mathiowetz – In honor of Bill Peterson 10 miles
Michael & Stephanie Greene – In honor of Bill Peterson 10 miles
Fr. George Schmit, Jr. 10 miles
Paul & Jeanne Leighton – In honor of grandchildren Noah, Carter, Evan, Colin, Autumn, Kallie, Carson, Ellie, Jack 9 miles
Paul and Jeanne Leighton – In honor of Mitchell’s Ride for San Lucas 8 miles
William & Ann Crews – In thanksgiving for family: Emily, Tim, Nick, Paul, Sarah, Ruby and Claire 7 miles
Anthony and Ruth Louwagie 6 miles
Nuvera Communications, Inc 6 miles
Steven and Patricia Schreiber – In honor of grandchildren: Finn, Oliver, Ada, Luca, Felix and Lydia 6 miles
Fr. Philip Schotzko – In honor of Bill Peterson 6 miles
Tim and Laura Rahe 5 miles
James and Jan Seifert 3 miles
Andrew and Anne Biebl 3 miles
LaVonne Nicolai 3 miles
Max Lande – in memory of Cyrilla Lande 3 miles
Thomas & Danalee Merrill 3 miles
Jereme & Myra Abshire – in honor of Bill Peterson 3 miles
St. Edwards Mission Society 3 miles
Saint John’s Preparatory School 3 miles
Melissa Rogers 3 miles
Anonymous 3 miles
Diocese of New Ulm Deanery 2 miles
Richard and Gwen Christiansen 2 miles
In memory of Fr. Greg Schaffer from Anonymous Donor 2 miles
Chris Miller 2 miles
Bill & Emily Peterson – In honor of grandchildren Vireo and Harrison 2 miles

One mile sponsors

Ron & Martha Bisek In honor of Father Greg
Emily Pritchard In tribute to the Schreiber family
Kathleen DiGiorn In tribute to Bruce & Alisa Weber
Ray & Sheila Sailer In memory of the Sailer and Hardy family who have passed away
James & Jan Siefert In memory of Jane & Jim Siefert
Nancy Peltola
Robert Lieb
Matthew Gordon & Laura Goodman
Peter Herbeck
Patrick Schumacher
Frank and Deann Schindler and family – Mile 27
Reverend Paul Schumacher
St Catherine’s Council of Catholic Women
Reverend Eugene M Brown
In memory of Bishop Raymond Lucker from Anonymous Donor
Reverend Jerome Paulson
Dan & Colette Hagen
Dr James and Vicki Koewler
Jeff and Caren Fenske
Debi Holley In honor of David Holley
Lynn Slifer
Michael Franklin
Loren and Linda Gorres
Mark and Jennifer Lindberg
Bill and Jane Berens
John and Karla McCarey
Margaret B Wall & Marie Brand Humbert In honor of Don & Myrtle Brand family
David Herbeck
Larry Teckenbrock
Nicholas Norbert Noe
Bob Bernu
Jennifer Dietsche
George and Faye Mashek
CCW St Genevieve
Rev. Msg. Eugene Lozinski
Meredith Eichten In honor of Bob Eichten
Matt Franta
Alex Gonzalez
Stephanie Herbeck
Rick Shaw
Shawn Gary O’Keefe In honor of Dr. Patrick O’Keefe
Shelby Schmidt
Rev. Jerome Paulson
David Wright
Bernadette Reardon
Robert & Betty Weier
Scott & Roseanne Husaby
Frank & Desiree Ziegler
William Stangler In memory of Barb Stangler
Craig Braulick
Patricia Lull
Thomas Kinne
Richard & Janet Doom
Joseph & Kathleen Frederick
Theodore Mellby & Sigrid Ruhland
Joseph & Evelyn Nemec
Roman & Madeleine Carek
Dennis Martin In memory of Father Greg
Leah Ann Miller In memory of George VanOverbeke
Nyle & Mary Mills
Christopher & Erica DeVries
Michael & Elizabeth Grosso In honor of Bill Peterson
Arch & Suzie Mrkvicka In honor of Bill Peterson
Philip & Judy Hoffer In memory of William E. Cook
Joseph & Janis Sacco In memory of Father Greg
Fr. Erik Lundgren In honor of Mitchell Gibbs
Margaret & Donal Marsille
St. Edwards CCW
Dennis & Lois Gates
Rita Bader
Erik Baker In memory of Bob Hentzen
Charlie & Cathy Anhut
Ed & Martha Gschneidner In honor of Bill Peterson
Randolph & Carolyn Ostlie
Patrick & Pamela Schwab
Randall & Wendy Kramer
Lightworks Inc In honor of Bill Peterson
Joseph & Eileen Kieffer
Church of Sacred Heart Mission
Joseph and Patricia Wesley
Lisa and David Vaughan
Mary Ellen Hennen In memory of Gregor and Ella Hennen
Steven and Patricia Schreiber In honor of Mitchell’s Ride for San Lucas
Daniel and Julie Marcotte In memory of Dr. Mike Winter
Verne and Phyllis Sindlinger In memory of Father Greg
Scott and Anabella Wasserman
Gary and Laurel Hartmann In memory of Fr. John Brandes