Give to the Max!

Wherever you live, you can donate to Friends of San Lucas' Give to the Max Day campaign and make a difference for the people of San Lucas. Thursday, November 17, 2022

“Even the longest walk… begins with a pint of beer.”

It was 13 degrees and sunny as three men began walking from the capitol in St. Paul to San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. They arrived on January 29, 1973. Come have a beer with us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the walk. Tuesday, October 18 \ Dual Citizen Brewery. 

50 Year Walk Anniversary Coming Soon!

On October 18, 1972, Fr. Greg Schaffer, Ronal Motta, and Elias Jacinto set off from the steps of the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul and began a historic walk to San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. Their goal was to raise money for the Mission in San Lucas Tolimán, founded in 1963 by Fr. Greg.

Herbeck’s bike ride to raise funds for the Mission

The ride commemorates founder Father Greg Schaffer's 3,000+ mile walk from Minnesota to Guatemala.

Supporter of the Month: Margaret Marsille

Meet Margaret, one of Friends of San Lucas’ Long-Term Volunteers. She just completed her annual three-month visit to San Lucas Tolimán and returned home to Virginia. Margaret was eager to get home so she could plant her garden but certainly will miss Guatemala. What you might not know about Margaret is that she has been going to the Mission since 2003.

Kansas City Event Details

Save the date for the Friends of San Lucas 6th Annual Kansas City Celebration! All donations towards this event will be generously matched.

Ash Wednesday Message from the Executive Director

In February, 1998, my life changed forever. It is not a story I tell very often, in part because it is a story with pain and violence that is not mine to tell. But our stories are rarely only ours to tell.

Exclusive Interview with FOSL’s Executive Director

This is a big week for Friends of San Lucas. We're running a fundraiser for the San Lucas Mission Construction Program, and all of your gifts will be doubled by anonymous donors, up to $50,000. Why do your gifts matter? Read this exclusive interview with FOSL Executive Director Bill Peterson to learn more about what the Construction Program is up to and why your donations are so important.

Construction Fundraiser: Match Available Now!

From February 22-25, Friends of San Lucas invites you to participate in a fundraiser for the San Lucas Mission's Construction Program.  All gifts will be DOUBLED by anonymous donors, for one week only.

A Message from Visitor Program Director Kristal Sawatzke

When I first joined Friends of San Lucas, I started to hear a lovely phrase over and over again - one that I eventually learned had a particularly special meaning to Mission history: Juntos Podemos. You might have heard this phrase over the years, too; it means Together, we can...