Learn to Cook Dobladas with Guicha!

These savory Guatemalan appetizers are one of the most well-loved foods for visitors to the San Lucas Mission’s Women’s Center. “Dobladas” means folded; it’s hard to believe these mouth-watering hand-helds are simply prepared vegetables folded in “masa” flour. Fortunately, you can find all the ingredients to make this recipe in the US. Try it out for yourself!

Covid 19 Update

In the last few months, our lives have been turned upside down. So much of what we have taken for granted has been taken away and we are scrambling to find a way to navigate through a world we are struggling to understand. As of April 8, Guatemala has 80 confirmed cases of Covid-19.  Of course, as we all know, there are many more cases out there. And, although there are no confirmed cases as of April 8 in San Lucas, we expect that will change soon.

Tell us your #BraceletStory!

Many years ago, our founder Father Greg started distributing bracelets to Mission visitors. He would give each visitor three bracelets upon their departure: one to keep for themselves and two to give to others with a story about their experience in San Lucas. We revived this tradition in our Visitors Program a few years ago. And while many of us can’t experience Guatemala for ourselves right now, we can tell stories of the impact it had on our lives.

The Power of the Health Promoter Program

The Health Promoter Program is now at the front lines of the growing Covid-19 threat. As you read this, Health Promoters are receiving special training, protective equipment, and medicine. They are beginning to use a mass-texting application to communicate quickly with each other to monitor the spread of the virus in their communities. They will also use this system to receive updated treatment protocols. And while, as of March 29th, Covid-19 has not arrived in San Lucas, they will be ready when it does.


We knew we could count on you to come through for San Lucas at a crucial time! Because of you, we exceeded our $30,000 stretch goal for the #SanLucasStrong campaign and nearly reached $40,000. We are astounded by your generosity. Thank you.

Mission of Love 2020

Parents, teachers, students: We have a special challenge for you! If you're connected to a classroom, we invite your students to get creative and design a message of love that can be sent electronically to the children in San Lucas. Create a digital art project, film students doing random acts of kindness, or scan hand-drawn friendship cards.

A Very Special Week in San Lucas

San Lucas was once a small village of cornstalk homes with thatched roofs, lacking both electricity and plumbing. There were neither health care facilities nor schools and women and children suffered severely from the lack of healthcare, with many women dying in childbirth and children suffering from malnutrition. But 1963 proved a historic year for the people of San Lucas.

Announcing the Winners of the 2019 Photo Contest!

We received about 200 entries from visitors all around the country. Friends of San Lucas staff completed two rounds of voting to determine the winners. Thank you to all of the talented participants who took the time to share their beautiful shots with us.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año

A warm holiday greeting to each one of you! Many thanks to all the individuals and groups who supported us or visited us in 2019.

The Power of Education in San Lucas

Felipe Bajan is the Assistant Principal at Colegio Monseñor Gregorio Schaffer. Felipe studied at the school as a child, and later, he taught fifth and sixth grade at the school for 20 years before becoming Assistant Principal.