Covid 19 Update

In the last few months, our lives have been turned upside down. So much of what we have taken for granted has been taken away and we are scrambling to find a way to navigate through a world we are struggling to understand.

To all the people who have been able to continue to support the Mission through all this, we give you our heartfelt thanks. You have been a lifeline to so many. By continuing to be able to pay salaries alone, we have helped 110 families keep their heads above water. Our healthcare system is preparing for an outbreak and, again, thanks to your generosity, they will be ready.

And to those of you who are not in a financial position to support the Mission currently, we say thank you for your support in the past and we ask for your prayers and encouragement. Both of those are essential for our continued work. We promise to keep you in our prayers knowing that we rise and fall together.

As of July 10, Guatemala has over 26,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Of course, as we all know, there are many more cases out there. There are several confirmed cases in San Lucas.

The Guatemalan government has taken several steps to control the outbreak:

  • currently there is a curfew in effect from 5pm to 5am
  • there are restrictions on work, public transportation and the borders are closed

The Mission is functioning at a very reduced level except for the healthcare program which is ramping up to fight the virus. During this time Friends of San Lucas is committed to:

  • keep paying the salaries of Mission employees through these uncertain times
  • offer care to all patients who come to the clinic with Covid-19 as well as protect others seeking care
  • add essential healthcare workers to the clinic staff including one additional doctor and 2 nurses
  • provide all essential protective equipment and medicine to keep healthcare workers safe and provide comfort to the patients
  • provide enhanced educational materials to all the healthcare workers and Health Promoters
  • continue all Mission programming as soon as work restrictions are lifted in Guatemala

Currently the Visitors program is suspended until October 1.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us with concern for those we serve in San Lucas. They are doing relatively well under difficult circumstances. Luqueños are resilient and strong and they know how to survive. And we will return to walk alongside them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bill Peterson, Executive Director, Friends of San Lucas. For more information about Covid-19 please visit: or