Dorothy Wagner’s Prayer

“Oh Lord, … do come along in our company.” Exodus 34:8

I am Dorothy Wagner. From 1974 – 1981 I was on staff at the San Lucas Mission as director of the Casa Feliz (home for children), at that time a School Sister of Notre Dame. My home was the Casa Feliz where I Iived and worked with Guatemalan employees in the care of the children living in the Casa Feliz. During those years I would often ask our God to please walk with us and protect us where ever we went. We were caring for babies and children brought to the Casa Feliz who were suffering from TB, severe malnutrition, and the many severe effects due to extreme poverty. During the years of the revolution/violence parents were tortured and killed leaving their children crying in the streets. Caring Guatemalans brought children to San Lucas Mission trusting there would be place for them. How we needed our God to be with us every minute.

Sometimes newly arrived babies died due to severe illness or severe malnutrition. March 2, 1980 one of our five year old children passed away suddenly. His name was Pablo. For 9 days Pablo’s brother and sisters kept a lit candle in the corner on the floor in the little boys’ bedroom to provide light for Pablo’s spirit, fresh water for Pablo’s spirit when thirsty, and fresh flowers to warmly welcome his spirit.

All the children in the Casa Feliz, big and small, came together to care and love each other. Along with the care given the children, we had the presence of our caring God, the gifts of love and financial assistance given by volunteers, visitors, benefactors, the Diocese of New Ulm, and School Sisters of Notre Dame. Today the Friends of San Lucas continue the awesome ministry started in 1963. They invite and encourage us to respond in prayer and financially to the needs of the people of San Lucas.

Prayer for San Lucas Toliman And For All Missions

Lord Jesus Christ, you commanded us to preach the Gospel to every nation. Bless the effort we are making in Guatemala. Keep the people of San Lucas Toliman always safe in the palm of your hand. Protect the efforts that are made to free them from the bonds of poverty and inequality. Keep safe and secure our priests and sisters and all who labor there. Grant that they and all the missions of the world may be your instruments to bring all peoples the peace you have promised. Amen

Dorothy Wagner, a former School Sister of Notre Dame, served at Casa Feliz (the orphanage in San Lucas) from 1974 – 1981.

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