Healthcare Worker Week

This week is Healthcare Worker Week, and we are celebrating by recognizing the hard work of the San Lucas Mission Hospital’s employees! See what a few of the many dedicated healthcare workers shared about their work at the Hospital:

Guido (top left) is a lab technician. Talking about his work at the Mission Hospital, Guido says, “During the years that I have been working at the Hospital, I have felt a great deal of satisfaction being part of an excellent team. In the laboratory, we perform different types of tests including hematology, urology, glucose, and others that are more specialized. I am happy to perform these tests because through the results, I can help my colleagues to provide a better diagnosis and treatment for each patient.”

Pedro (top right) is a dental assistant. When asked about his position in the Mission Hospital, Pedro shared, “First, I want to say that I am always grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to belong to this hospital for many years and to be able to provide good service and good oral healthcare, both for people in the community. Over the years, the clinic has been recognized for creating absolute trust in patients because the cost of services is affordable and the quality of care is exceptional.”

Mayra (bottom left) is a nursing assistant at the Mission Hospital. Mayra describes what working as a nursing assistant means to her saying, “One of the most important parts of my job is to accurately document each patient’s record, so that my colleagues can give the proper follow-up care and provide the best healthcare possible. Personally, I really like this profession because it is a great help to the community, my family and myself. Through this work, I can find the meaning and value of life. I appreciate being a part of this team and especially being a part of the San Lucas Mission.”

Ebeldo (bottom right) is also a nursing assistant. Ebeldo values his work and shares, “For me it is a blessing to work in this hospital. I really like helping people who need our services. My job requires me to administer medications, measure and control blood pressure, clean wounds and apply dressings. Our entire team is dedicated to helping each of our neighbors receive the care they deserve.”

All of the Mission Hospital staff take the weight of their work seriously and take every step to ensure they are providing the best possible care to their patients. We wish each of them a happy Healthcare Worker Week!




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