Mission of Love 2020

Parents, teachers, students: We have a special challenge for you!
If you’re connected to a classroom, we invite your students to get creative and design a message of love that can be sent electronically to the children in San Lucas. Create a digital art project, film students doing random acts of kindness, or scan hand-drawn friendship cards. Then send us your electronic project and make a donation on our website (or mail a check to the address listed below). Your donation will provide classroom materials to improve education in Guatemala. We will send your creative work to a class in San Lucas, and they will create a special digital project for your students in return!
Last year, the Mission of Love funded 30 school computers that will be installed shortly. Thank you for your help to provide quality, affordable education for children in San Lucas.
All projects & donations should be submitted by April 15. Your class will receive the response project from San Lucas before May 15. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for supporting Mission of Love 2020!
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