Tell us your #BraceletStory!

Many years ago, our founder Father Greg started distributing bracelets to Mission visitors. He would give each visitor three bracelets upon their departure: one to keep for themselves and two to give to others with a story about their experience in San Lucas. We revived this tradition in our Visitors Program a few years ago. And while many of us can’t experience Guatemala for ourselves right now, we can tell stories of the impact it had on our lives.

More than 1,200 visitors come to the Mission every year and they each go home with three bracelets. That means that 3,600 bracelets have been going back to the United States from San Lucas each year for many years and each one has a story. Who did you give your bracelets to and what did you share about your experience in San Lucas? Do you wear your bracelet regularly? Has anybody ever asked you about it? Have you ever realized someone you knew had a connection to San Lucas because of the bracelets?

This month, we’re inviting you to share your #BraceletStory with us. Write them up (700 word limit) or make a video of yourself telling your story (3 minute limit), then send it to Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Schleif. If possible, include a picture of yourself in San Lucas as an attachment. The deadline for stories is April 30.

You can also submit a story by publicly posting it on social media with the tag @friendsofsanlucas and the hashtag #BraceletStory.

Your story may be featured on our social media or in our emails. Everyone who submits a #BraceletStory will be entered in a drawing for a free bag of Juan Ana Coffee!

Thank you for telling your #BraceletStory

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