We’re Hiring an Executive Director

We are hiring an Executive Director! We’re looking for a creative, articulate, flexible and experienced leader.

Friends of San Lucas (FOSL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to generating support for the Mission in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. Local leadership is at the center of our work and we support community-led solutions to community-identified challenges. Managed by over 100 Guatemalan staff, the San Lucas Mission (SLM) was founded in 1963 and has grown to support over 25,000 community members annually across seven program areas, including: education, healthcare, construction, direct trade coffee, charity with dignity, a women’s center, and a Visitor Program. FOSL is an ecumenical organization that invites people of religious and secular backgrounds to participate.

The Executive Director (E.D.) works with the Board of Directors to develop, execute and evaluate the overall vision and mission of Friends of San Lucas. The role requires a creative, articulate, flexible and experienced leader who will continue the pattern of sustainable growth and help develop new, untapped opportunities. The E.D. is expected to be an advisor to the Director of the Mission as well as (when appropriate) Mission staff. The E.D. is looked to for input on the general direction of the Mission but does not engage in specific management decisions. The E.D. also has an advisory role to play in encouraging and facilitating leadership development of Mission staff. The E.D. will travel to Guatemala 4 – 6 times a year for 5 – 7 days on each trip.

Major Position Accountabilities

Fundraising, Development and Organizational Management (40%)

The E.D. sets and achieves fundraising goals each year in collaboration with major stakeholders. Working closely with the Director of Development and the Development Committee, the E.D. oversees the immediate annual goals for fundraising as well as the longer-term goals of donor identification, cultivation and development with an eye toward having a balanced approach to fundraising. The E.D. is responsible for fiscal management of FOSL, submitting monthly reports to the finance committee and the board.

FOSL Staff Management and Supervision (25%)

The E.D. has five direct reports: Director of Operations and Communication, Director of Development, Director of the Visitor Program, Director of Finance & Administration and Director of the Coffee Program. The E.D. has responsibility for helping to set goals, evaluate performance and set salaries. In addition, the E.D. is responsible for total team performance and workplace culture. (Total U.S. staff is six people.)

Mission Relations (15%)

While the Mission and FOSL are legally separate entities, they are intimately tied together. FOSL has a responsibility to its donors to ensure that monies are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Mission sets its own budgets each year (with input from the E.D.) and is responsible for transparent accounting that reflects best practices. FOSL has several program committees that interact with Mission program leadership in order to provide advice and support. Mission staff is ultimately responsible for the management of the programs, but the E.D. provides a general level of oversight and accountability. While the E.D. is expected to know, in general terms, what is happening at the Mission, the E.D. is not involved in day-to-day operations, nor does the E.D. have any hiring/terminating authority at the Mission.

Vision and Strategic Leadership (10%)

In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the E.D. develops and implements a shared vision and strategic plan. The E.D. collaboratively sets the tone and direction of the organization, promotes and articulates its values and guides it through changing environments and continuous growth and development. They are responsible for identifying opportunities and challenges and responding appropriately. They are also responsible for preparing an annual budget. The E.D. is the main contact/connection and public spokesperson for the organization both in the US and Guatemala.
Board Relations and Recruitment (10%)

The E.D.’s main source of support and accountability is a healthy, fully functioning board. While the E.D. reports directly to the Executive Committee (a subset of the Board), the E.D. is involved with Board recruitment, onboarding and development. The E.D. will communicate in a timely and effective manner with the Board so that the Board can make informed decisions.

Position Requirements and Specifications
-Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, liberal arts, or equivalent related professional business experience.
-Minimum of 5 to 7 years of leadership/management experience necessary.
-Demonstrated ability to manage, inspire and cultivate a staff as well as manage, direct and motivate volunteers.
-Ability to design, implement and carry projects through to completion as well as help manage projects for staff.
-Minimum of 10 years’ experience in fundraising as well as community/public relations within a non-profit organization.
-Ability to inspire and connect with a wide variety of donors.
-Experience in networking to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with community organizations.
-Proven administrative and management ability to prudently manage an organization’s resources within budget guidelines; exceptional financial and general business literacy.
-Past exposure working with business and donor software.
-Experience in successfully working directly with/for a Board of Directors and operating committees.
-Cross-cultural competency and sensitivity including ability to speak and write in Spanish. (Spanish language proficiency strongly preferred.)
-Direct experience in Latin America or, specifically, Guatemala is preferred.

Compensation and Benefits
Salary will be commensurate with experience. In addition, FOSL offers a comprehensive benefits program including compensation available for health care benefits (up to $10,400) and an 8% contribution toward retirement.


FOSL has a strong interest in a comprehensive selection process, which will include interviewing with the following:

-Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates – for initial screening and comprehensive interviewing
-FOSL Search Committee
-FOSL Executive Committee (leading to full Board of Director approval)
-Additional FOSL board members and staff as appropriate

Meet/greet sessions also will be part of the process:

-Staff of FOSL (including key staff in Guatemala)
-Board of Directors of FOSL

Multiple interviews may be critical to assure success for the candidates presented. Efforts will be made to avoid extensive interview travel. Reference checking will be completed through Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates and will include, but not be limited to educational credential verification and employment reference checking.

Interested candidates should contact (in confidence) David Magy – 952-404-5085 – david@abelnmagy.com or Annette Villamil – 952-404-5086 – annette@abelnmagy.com.

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