Why the Mission’s Construction Program Matters

Elvia and Mario have been married for ten years. Their daughters, Marina and Maria, are 9 and 3 years old. Mario works in Guatemala City where he earns about $800 U.S. per month. But he also has to pay for a room and food in the city while he works, which is expensive.

For a while, the family’s living situation was stable, staying with Mario’s family. Over time, one of their relatives began to have severe issues with alcoholism, and the home where they were staying was no longer safe for Elvia and her daughters. Elvia was worried sick for her family, especially her girls. She did some of the most difficult things a woman can do in Guatemala: she filed a complaint with the authorities, she left her home, and she asked for help.

Elvia approached the Mission to ask for housing assistance. Now, because of her strength and the generosity of our donors, Elvia and her family have a safe place to call home. Elvia cried tears of joy when she received the keys to their new hybrid (concrete block and wood) home. She said it gave her and her husband peace of mind and she was happy for the mental and physical health and well-being of herself and her daughters.

The Mission’s construction program gives families the opportunity to live their lives without of the stresses of unsuitable housing. Every family deserves the dignity of a well constructed home!

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