2024 Kansas City Celebration Recap

On May 4-6, hundreds of supporters attended our Kansas City Celebration weekend to raise funds for the Mission and learn about the Healthcare Program.

Staff Spotlight: Terri Wong

Terri Wong has been selling coffee from the San Lucas Mission for more than a decade. Read on to learn why Terri cares about the Coffee Program.

Staff Spotlight: Ellen Mathiowetz

Ellen Mathiowetz first visited the San Lucas Mission as a high school student. Today, she's the Director of the Visitor Program and Special Events for the Friends of San Lucas. Naturally, she feels a special connection to the Visitor Program. Read on to learn why Ellen cares about the Visitor Program.

Supporter Spotlight: Arch Mrkvicka

Arch Mrkvicka is FOSL's former Executive Director and currently serves as a board member. He feels a special connection to the Mission Charity Program. Read this Q&A to learn more about Arch and why he cares about the Charity Program.

Why I Ride

My earliest memories of giving are of the pennies, nickels and…

#BraceletStory from Donald Hoff

The San Lucas Mission has a history of distributing bracelets to visitors upon their departure. Visitors are encouraged to gift two of the three bracelets to friends or family back home and tell about their experience in San Lucas. Earlier this year, we asked you to tell us your #BraceletStory.