National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Alex Muff

April 21 – 27, 2024 is National Volunteer Week! Today we’re celebrating long-time Friends of San Lucas volunteer Alex Muff. Read on to learn more about Alex and why she volunteers to support the Mission.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Alex: I am currently living in Monterey, CA and enjoying all the perks that come with the area – walks/hikes along the coast, wildflowers, and watching the otters, seals, and sea lions! Professionally, I work providing project support for the Institute for Security Governance. In my free time when I’m not enjoying the outdoors of Monterey, you can find me either traveling or binge-watching a great show.

How did you initially get connected to San Lucas?

Alex: I went to undergrad at the University of St. Thomas and heard about San Lucas through their volunteer program, VISION. However, my first visit to San Lucas was after I graduated from St. Thomas and it was to visit my friend and former college roommate, Heather Statz. It only took two visits for me to decide to quit my job and move to San Lucas to be a Long-Term Volunteer (LTV). After several extensions of my time as an LTV, I was the interim volunteer coordinator, and then worked for FOSL full-time for about a year and a half as the Director of Marketing and Communications!

In what capacity do you volunteer with Friends of San Lucas?

Alex: I am currently a part of the Women’s Center Committee which is one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. Working with the leadership in San Lucas and being able to witness their incredible community-based work and passion inspires me every day. I also make sure to get to San Lucas at least once a year to catch up with friends, share some delicious meals, and visit the programs.

What motivated you to become a volunteer with FOSL?

Alex: It was an easy choice to join the Women’s Center Committee after my time being an LTV and full-time employee with FOSL. I spent a significant amount of time at the Women’s Center while I lived in San Lucas and connected with both the leadership and participants. I am happy to continue to foster those connections and share the stories of the incredible work the Women’s Center does.

Why is the Mission’s work important to you?

Alex: The Mission’s work is important to me as someone who is passionate about community and connection. Having the opportunity to work with and witness the leaders in San Lucas who are providing care and support to their community is what inspires me to continue to get involved with and invest in my own. The work of the Mission reminds me how impactful connecting with others can be and I’m honored to continue being a small part of that.

Thank you, Alex, for the time you devote to supporting the Mission’s work towards a more just world.

To learn how you can get involved, click here.

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