National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Lindsey Bottom

April 21 – 27, 2024 is National Volunteer Week! Today we’re celebrating Long-Term Volunteer (LTV) Lindsey Bottom. Read on to learn more about Lindsey and why she volunteers to support the Mission.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Lindsey: I’m from Denver, Colorado. Before coming to the Mission, I was working as a chemical engineer after graduating from Benedictine College. Aside from work, I love playing soccer, or any other sport, and working as a volunteer ESL teacher in the evenings.

How did you initially get connected to San Lucas?

Lindsey: I was looking for a place to volunteer abroad for at least a few months that was locally-led, sustainable, and upheld Catholic Social Teaching. I found Friends of San Lucas on Catholic Volunteer Network, and then I looked into their website and applied to be an LTV!

In what capacity do you volunteer with Friends of San Lucas?

Lindsey: As an LTV, we welcome visitors through Friends of San Lucas as they learn about the San Lucas Mission programs. We also translate for them during their visit. In addition, we get to get involved in each program and help out with all that the Mission is doing in San Lucas, whether that’s helping at construction sites, sorting or picking coffee beans, preparing charity bags, playing with the school kids, helping in English classes, enjoying a game of soccer, or learning weaving at the Women’s Center.

What motivated you to become a volunteer with FOSL?

Lindsey: I’ve always felt called to service and had always imagined I’d spend some time as a full-time volunteer. After teaching ESL for a few years, I was drawn to the various cultures of my students and wanted to experience a new culture and community myself for a while. I wanted to volunteer for an organization that is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and upholding the traditions and culture of the community served, and for me, that was FOSL.

Why is the Mission’s work important to you?

Lindsey: The Mission’s work is important to me because it meets each person with the Love of Christ. It gives people a place to go for support and its work stimulates education, economic growth, community, and faith from within. The Mission employees are the most kind, gentle, and joyful people I’ve ever met and you can see how much they genuinely love each and every person in their community. Every person is treated with utmost dignity and respect.

Many thanks to Lindsey for the time and energy she is devoting to supporting the Mission’s work towards a more just world.

To learn how you can get involved, click here.

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  1. Tom Gelhaus
    Tom Gelhaus says:

    It was so great to meet you Lindsey! Thanks for all you do at San Lucas. I wish I could have spent more time chatting but the week went so fast!! We can keep in touch on Muchas Sonrisas facebook if you want. God Bless!


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