Supporter Spotlight: Rogers Strickland

Rogers Strickland is a FOSL board member and a long-time supporter of the Mission. He feels a special connection to the Construction Program. Read on to learn more about Rogers and why he cares about the Construction Program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am 73 year old White male, married with 3 grown children. I have been a design/build general contractor in metro Kansas City for the last 43 years. I also develop and invest in numerous self storage properties and farm land. My wife and I live in a small town near Kansas City on a farm. We are members of a small Methodist church. I am an air force veteran educated to be a Methodist preacher.

What led you to support the Mission? How did you get involved?
Twenty five years ago I met Father Greg Schaffer, and he talked me into coming to San Lucas to build a pre-fab community center in the village of Chittilu. My family and I fell in love with the Mayan people, and I was intrigued by Father Greg’s Mission and theology. I have now made over 75 trips to San Lucas, and feel called to keep going back. I continue to “work out my own salvation,” and I hope to continue to build relationships with the people of San Lucas.

Why do you care about the Construction Program?
My personal talents and gifts are in the construction area. I am able to use my abundant resources and those of my friends to help infrastructure in San Lucas. We have participated in building much-needed houses, churches, community centers and schools. I feel this work is part of my life’s calling!

Can you share a specific story of the program’s impact that you know of?
Working with the community of Santa Teresita three times in the last 24 years has been a special blessing to me and my family! The community has been through so much tragedy and yet God has blessed their perseverance. They were thrown off a finca or “plantation” in the middle of the night, with only what they could carry on their backs. Father Greg found them a temporary plot of land to camp on while he attempted to create a new area for them to farm and live on. A 5 year failed effort to get water to that new community caused them to make the best of the small temporary plot of land. We helped them build a community center, move it, rebuild it, and roof their church. With God’s miraculous help, they have built a new community. The community’s perseverance has touched my family’s heart and we feel blessed to have been a part of their journey for 24 years.

What difference are people making when they give to the Construction Program?
The money given to the Construction Program helps elevate people’s living conditions from dirt floors, leaky roofs, out-houses and situations of severe overcrowding to a dignified home. It would be difficult or impossible for these families to afford this type of home without the partnership of the Mission. The recipients are tremendously grateful for your generosity

How has this program touched your life personally?
I have felt called to “ministry” since I was in grade school. I took a long circuitous path to find my calling which involves helping with construction in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. My wife Peg and my adult children have been continuously involved with me. San Lucas is my “heaven on earth.”

To join Rogers in supporting the Construction Program, click here to make your year-end gift now.

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