Why I Ride

My earliest memories of giving are of the pennies, nickels and dimes we’d collect in coffee cans for the San Lucas Mission. Every year from 1st grade through high school graduation, “San Lucas” and Father Greg were shining examples to me of what it meant to serve the poor. It was my introduction to the importance of identifying with a cause. And it was my first chance to work together with my classmates and the larger community to improve the lives of those around the world.

Fr. Greg was the embodiment for me of self-sacrifice. Not only did he literally step up to walk 3,087 miles from St. Paul to San Lucas to raise awareness of those in great need, but he devoted 50 years of his life to the people of San Lucas. His is a story of love, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph that crossed the boundaries of faith, nationality, gender, environment and economics. The more I learned of the work of Fr. Greg, the more I wanted to help.

The Ride

On October 18th, 1972, Fr. Greg, Ronal Motta and Elias Jacinto began walking from St. Paul, MN. On January 29th, 1973 they arrived in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the walk, I am riding my bike along the U.S. portion of their walk–0ver 1,500 miles. And I am asking for your support. We are soliciting sponsorships for every mile originally walked. You can sponsor a mile for $300. My goal with the ride is to raise sponsorships for 1,000 miles, or $300,000, to support the life-giving work of the Mission. Our overall goal is to raise just over $900,000!

I’m honored to do just a small part in keeping the work of Fr. Greg alive as well as introduce a new generation of hearts to this ministry that is so vital to the lives of people in Guatemala. While there have been many great accomplishments over these past 50 years by volunteers, donors, and friends, the need is still great. The Mission’s work must continue in education, healthcare, housing, developing small businesses, and providing opportunities for growth for women.

Why give to Friends of San Lucas?

The Friends of San Lucas is a well-established, highly credible organization with a long history of exceptional work in Guatemala. The board is made up of a cross-section of highly talented volunteers and the exceptional staff makes efficient use of every resource available.

Please join me in supporting this inspired organization and transform the lives of people with tremendous need. Click here to sponsor my ride. Thank you for your support!