Indigenous Peoples’ Day – Special Interview with Karina Hernandez

Monday, October 11 marks Indigenous Peoples' Day. On this day, we honor Native American peoples and commemorate their histories and cultures. It's also an opportunity to learn more about indigenous communities all around the world. Friends of San Lucas works closely with many Maya people in Guatemala. Today, we're sharing a special interview with Women's Center Director Karina Hernandez about her perspectives on her Maya culture.

Friends of San Lucas Mankato Gala and Virtual Conference

We are very pleased to announce the Friends of San Lucas Mankato Conference and Gala taking place Saturday, October 9th at the Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center (Mankato Civic Center) in Mankato. The Gala will run from 6-8pm, highlighting the work of the Mission during these last 18 months of challenge and opportunity. We will have a dinner, a silent and live auction and experience what it has been like in San Lucas as the Mission has continued to serve the people with creativity, compassion and grace.

Blessed Stanley Rother

Blessed Stanley Rother was born in March of 1935 in Oklahoma as the oldest child to parents Franz and Gertrude. He grew up on his family farm with his parents and his four siblings. As a young adult, he decided to become a priest. After serving as an associate parish priest for five years, Fr. Rother decided to volunteer to serve as a priest in Guatemala. He drove 2,000 miles from his home in Oklahoma to his new parish to serve the Tz'utujil people in Santiago Atitlán.

Maya Textiles: A History

The Maya people have been weaving textiles for use in clothing for thousands of years. Today different towns and communities are known for their own patterns and motifs. For many years, the origin of these different patterns has been attributed to the Spanish Conquistadors. History assumed that, in looking for a way to distinguish peoples from different places for reasons like forced labor or tax collection, Conquistadors created an organizational system where each town or municipality wore their own pattern of weaving. However, today there are Maya people who are challenging the idea that these different patterns are a result of colonization. The Maya people know that these regional variations have been around long before any contact by the Spanish.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Missing San Lucas? Want to learn more about Guatemala? Friends of San Lucas is offering four virtual opportunities to learn from Mission leadership. If you attend three out of the four sessions, you'll be eligible to win a free San Lucas Mission sweatshirt!

Parish of Christ the King/Friends of San Lucas Golf Tournament

The First Annual Parish of Christ the King/Friends of San Lucas Golf Tournament benefiting the San Lucas Mission will take place on July 19, 2021 at the Tulsa Country Club. You can register today!

Meet Our Founders

You are about to meet three incredible women. Women who raised their hands when the opportunity to change the world presented itself. These women devoted themselves to a life of selfless work, determined to build access to education, health, and a safe space in the midst of a violent civil war.

Mothers of the Mission Campaign

From May 4th through May 8th, you are invited to participate in the #MothersoftheMission campaign to raise funds for the San Lucas Mission! As Mother's Day approaches, this campaign will give you an opportunity to learn about the literal and figurative mothers you support with your donations, from women who lead Mission programs to women who receive Mission services. We will also highlight the School Sisters of Notre Dame who co-founded Mission programs decades ago.

Kansas City FOSL Celebration!

We are excited to announce the dates and details for the fifth annual Kansas City Friends of San Lucas Celebration! This event is sponsored by: Strickland Construction, Weston Red Barn Farm, Jeff and Michelle Murphy, Rich and Jeannie Keeton and Attic Management. All costs have been covered by our generous sponsors, which means 100% of the funds raised through this event will go towards supporting programs at the San Lucas Mission.

Healthcare Worker Week

This week is Healthcare Worker Week, and we are celebrating by recognizing the hard work of the San Lucas Mission Hospital's employees!