Jackson, Minnesota to Craig, Missouri

A Glimpse of Mission History

Decades ago, the Mission ran a reforestation program, which still exists today independently. In 1968, the Mission’s newsletter featured Arbor Day activities. Children learned to plant avocado trees, which would later be distributed to families in the community. Years into the future, those mature trees could bear 1,000-2,000 avocados per year and provide meaningful financial support to the families who care for them. Today, the Mission continues planting seeds in more figurative ways. It’s incredible to imagine the impact that planting avocado trees 50+ years ago is having today, and to imagine the impact the Mission’s seven programs will have on families fifty years from now. Thank you for being a part of this life-giving ministry.

October 1968 Newsletter

octo 1968

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Jackson, MN to Craig, MO

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