Brownsville, Texas to Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico

A Glimpse of Mission History

The May 1967 newsletter tells of how the Mission provided bread, milk, and soup for those in need. Today, charitable acts like this make up the Charity Program. During the pandemic, as thousands of families in and around San Lucas experienced loss of work and economic hardship, the Charity Program delivered more than 10,000 bags of essential supplies, including food, soap, and other basic needs items. The program targeted families with the greatest need who did not receive benefits from other assistance programs. In addition, the Charity Program also vets applications for new homes and provides monthly financial assistance to people with disabilities and the elderly. 

Take a look at the newsletter to see the “Charity Program” in 1967 and watch this video to take a glimpse at how it has grown and expanded today through the mass distribution of essential needs items.

May 1967 Newsletter


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