La Mesa to Palmasola, Veracruz, Mexico

A Glimpse of Mission History

Father Greg played an essential role in founding the Mission. What many people don’t know is that several other “co-founders” made critical contributions to the formation of the Mission. Among these people are Father John Goggin, who continues to serve the San Lucas Mission today. Fr. John arrived in San Lucas a few years after Fr. Greg and the School Sisters of Notre Dame, in 1968. He served as parish priest and eventually worked with CFCA (now called Unbound). He also assisted with Mission programs. Fr. John has lived and worked in San Lucas for over 50 years and played an essential role in the survival of the Mission after Fr. Greg passed in 2012. Fr. John’s creative and insightful input enabled the Mission to be re-born at the end of 2014 under new leadership with the backing of the Friends of San Lucas.

Thank you, Fr. John for your faithful and committed leadership over the last five decades. Enjoy this slideshow of Father John over the years!

Chapter Overviews

Lot to Woodsboro, TX

Antlers, OK to Lot, TX

Jackson, MN to Craig, MO

St Paul to Jackson