Coffeyville, Kansas to Antlers, Oklahoma

A Glimpse of Mission History

In January of 1969, the San Lucas Mission newsletter featured an outline of the Mission leadership and program model. At that time, Fr. Greg Schaffer, Sister Sandra Spencer, Sister Medard Zweber, and Father John Goggin directed the Mission programs, which included an orphanage (“Casa Feliz”) and an agricultural program. Today, the Mission is run by Guatemalans, some programs have changed or ended, and all existing programs have grown significantly since their advent in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

To see the current Mission leadership and learn about their experience, click here. To see the current Mission programs, click here. See below to view the historic leadership and program outline.

January 1969 Newsletter


Chapter Overviews

Lot to Woodsboro, TX

Antlers, OK to Lot, TX

Jackson, MN to Craig, MO

St Paul to Jackson