Coffeyville, Kansas to Antlers, Oklahoma

A Glimpse of Mission History

The June 1970 Mission newsletter featured the voices of Luqueños explaining the difference the Mission was making in their lives and their community. Today, Luqueños continue to praise the Mission’s life-changing work. Here are some examples of what Luqueños are saying today about the Mission’s impact:

Now: “To us, this [house] is a great miracle. Since we were children, we have suffered due to poor housing. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live more happily.” -The Sajbín López Sisters, recipients of a home from the Mission Construction Program

Now: “I sell my coffee to Café Juan Ana because the rate they pay for our coffee is better and that helps us support our families. Thanks to your support buying coffee, I have managed to give my family a decent life. I know that, with your continued help, many families in San Lucas can enjoy a better life.” -Miguel, Coffee Grower

Now: “With your donations, we are supporting people with limited resources in rural communities. The people here need medical visits, supplies, and medicines to be able to lead dignified and healthy lives. With your support, we are achieving that.” -Olga, Health Promoter

To read what community members said back in 1970, check out the newsletter below. Thanks to your support, the Mission continues to embody hope and development for San Lucas Tolimán 50 years later.

June 1970 Newsletter


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